Fiesta Macumba X Bruut T-shirt collab now for sale!

Dear Fiesta Macumba familia,

To celebrate our 14th birthday, we have something very special for you: Fiesta Macumba joined forces with clothing brand (and store) Bruut and the result is this ‘Somos Eternos’ Limited Edition Tee! It’s a unique design and part of the Bruut Comfort Club Collection.

Fiesta Macumba. Our culture, our love, our music, our familia is here to stay. Because of you and together with you this has become a fact. That’s what ‘Somos Eternos’ represents, the slogan printed on the back of the T-shirt.

It is a very limited edition, so don’t wait too long! The tee drops on Monday 5th of September at 12:00 local time and is available through this link for €45.

Again, without you Fiesta Macumba wouldn’t be what it is today. And we will be eternally grateful for this.

Team Fiesta Macumba