Cookie Statement

    This statement explains how Fiesta Macumba uses cookies and other technologies for our operations. This includes the use of cookies on the websites of Fiesta Macumba, the web shops of our Venue Partners where you can buy tickets for events and direct mail communication (e.g. Newsletters) or any other websites that we offer, maintain or manage (the "communication channels"). This statement explains what cookies are, why we use it and your rights to manage our use of these.
    Some cookies and similar technologies, such as pixel tags and click redirects described in this cookie policy, collect personal data or information that is personal data If we combine it with other information. how we process your personal data can be Read in our Privacy Statement.
    Cookies, pixel tags or click redirects are small files or pieces of code that collect and store information about your use of our communication channels. Cookies are widely used by online service providers, for example, to run websites and applications or to browse more efficiently and to provide information for analysis and reporting purposes.
    Cookies are distinguished by type and by the party that’s responsible for implementing cookies.
    Cookies we place are first-party Cookies and we use them for example to remember information about you, such as language preference or login details. We also use cookies from other parties, so-called third-party cookies. These are cookies from a different domain than the communication channel you use. For example, we use it for ads and marketing.
    Fiesta Macumba furthermore distinguishes 3 types of cookies:
    - Necessary cookies are required to run our websites. With such Cookies you can browse more easily, for example because they store your language preference. They are necessary for verifying your identity when you log in, but you can set your browser to block these cookies or get notified about them. If blocked it can result in some parts of the website not functioning (properly).
    - Analytical cookies are anonymous cookies that collect information about how visitors use our websites (page visits, average duration of the visit, etc.) This allows us to measure and improve the performance of our website. These cookies also give us insight which pages are the most and least popular and measure how many visitors the website attracts. All information that these cookies collect is aggregated and therefore anonymous. If you do not allow us to use these cookies, we cannot measure the effectiveness of our website.
    - Marketing Cookies can be used to record your online preferences or browsing habits. This will analyse your use of our products, services or applications and use them for our promotional and marketing activities (including targeted advertisings based on your internet behaviour). There are:
     Marketing and personalized Cookies that collect information about your Internet behaviour to provide ads or content that we think may be of interest to you. We also work with third parties to learn about your interests and offer targeted online advertisements;
     Tracking cookies that are used to track your Internet behaviour on one or more websites and to make personal offers on this basis;
     Social media cookies that are used to share information with social media parties, such as Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.
    Temporary cookies are temporarily stored in your browser or application. Once you close your browser or application, these cookies are automatically deleted.
    Permanent cookies remain stored on your device, even if you have closed your browser or application. Permanent cookies ensure that you are recognized on your next visit to the website. They will remain installed on your device until the expiration date, until a new version of the cookie is installed or until you manually delete them.
    When visiting our website, you can view and modify your own cookie settings. Click here for a list of the cookies we use.
    You can also refuse all cookies via your browser settings. You can also always remove installed cookies from your computer or mobile device.
    If you select a preference on a Fiesta Macumba website, this preference applies to all websites with that specific URL in the address bar. There is a separate choice for all other websites of Fiesta Macumba. If you use more browsers (e.g. Chrome, Safari or Microsoft Edge) You have to set a preference for each browser separately.
    For certain browsers, you can choose not to be tracked by websites ('Do Not Track') Fiesta Macumba only uses its own cookie system and does not support 'do not track' options.